UPDATE AUGUST 3 2015: This page is currently being updated- please check back soon for an updated version of this page! Thank you.

Club Penguin Secrets

This page is Club Penguin Secrets infested!  If you want to show off to your buddies with some cool secrets, this is the right page for you. 

How to sit on a path in Club Penguin

1. Log on to Club Penguin. Go to, a room with a path that leads you to a different room. Perhaps the Plaza, the Mine, The Town, or the Forest.

2. Back up about 10cm away from the path.

3. Now click on the path.

4. You have to be really efficient and click on your Club Penguin mail box.

5. Keep your mail box up for 10 second or so.

6. Close your mail box. Now you will be sitting on a path like this:

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 18.04.02

How to make your user disappear on Club Penguin

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Open up your EPF spy phone.

3. Whilst your EPF spy phone is open, click edit your igloo.

4. Your EPF spy phone will still be open and working whilst editing your igloo.

5. Now teleport to any room.

6. Your Club Penguin user will be gone. But when you log out, it will be back up.

(This Glitch has been fixed)

How to say numbers in Club Penguin

1. Click with your mouse over the Ultimate safe chat messages located on your chat bar.

2. Move your mouse onto the “Games” tab, now another section of messages will appear. Simply hover your mouse over the “Hide and seek” tab.

3.You will now see numbers. Click on those. Now you will be saying them like this:

How to repeat words neatly on Club Penguin

1. Say a 7 character word 6 times.  It will look like this:

How to throw snowballs rapidly on Club Penguin

1. Hold down the Letter “t” on your key board and don’t let go.

2. Aim where you want to shoot the snow balls.

3. Keep clicking rapidly.

4. Now you will be throwing snowballs rapidly like this:

How to fart in Club Penguin

1. Go to any room.

2. On your key board press, “e” then “t”

3. You will now be making tooting noises. It will look like this:

4. If you are wanting to find more hidden emotions or actions like this one, simply visit our Tutorial Page.

EPF Secret

1. Go to the Ski Village on Club Penguin.

2. Sit outside of the Everyday Phoning Facility.

3. Examine the first letter of every word:

  • Everyday
  • Phoning
  • Facility

4. As you may have noticed, the sign secretly remarks; EPF, hidden within the Everyday Phoning Facility text sign.

How to skip levels in Astro barrier

1. Go to the Dance Lounge or Arcade.

2. Waddle-up to the Astro Barrier game. Answer ‘yes’ to all appearing messages on your screen. Your screen should currently look like this:

3. Press 1 to go to level 10

4. Press 2 to go to level 20

5. Press 3 to go to level 30

How play Club Penguin in low graphics

1. Walk into any room in Club Penguin.

2. Click outside of your chatbar.

3. Press either + or – on your keyboard.

Now you will have low graphics whilst playing… However, if you would like to change back to higher classed graphics again, simply re-trace your steps; therefore pressing the plus or minus button on your keyboard.

Map labels secret

1. Log onto Club Penguin.

2. Click and hold your mouse over any place on the map.

3. Now, click ‘X’ on the map. Look:

How to walk around, whilst waiting for someone to join the game

1. Log onto Club Penguin.

2. Go play:

*Find Four



3. Make sure nobody joins the game.

4. Open-up your Club Penguin mail, whilst waiting for a penguin to join the game.

5. Now you will be able to waddle anywhere you like. Look:

How to make your penguins head invisible

1. Log onto Club Penguin.

2. Go to the Club Penguin Iceberg, which is hidden on your Club Penguin Map.

3. Go onto the left side of the Aqua Grabber mini-game.

4. Make your penguin light blue (you can purchase this colour within every issue of the Penguin Style Catalog), with nothing on.


How to view previous Club Penguin Times Issues

1. Log onto any server on Club Penguin.

2. Visit the Club Penguin Boiler Room.

3. Click on the left top draw of the cabinet.

4. You will now be able to flick through previous (up-to 6 week old) Club Penguin Times Issues.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.34.11 PM

How to obtain and purchase the Silver Surfboard on Club Penguin

1. Log onto Club Penguin and visit the Club Penguin Cove.

2. Click on the blue message that will be hung-up or stuck onto the Pink Hawaiin Leaf Surfboard.

3. Click on the ‘A’ in WAVES on the title of the catalog.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.35.22 PM

12 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Cool. I have another glitch and i give you permission to use this as long as you give the credits to Ms.Rosalina.
    go to the mine. outside there is a garden that receives water when you throw snowballs in the tank. put on your hardhat and press the dance button while you are on the garden soil. wait. while you dance, you will make plants grow!


  2. The awesome website is just here!!!!!
    I have another glitch to tell you guys.
    You can tell this glitch to other people
    as long as you wish!!!!!!!!!!:D
    Okay anyway this is the glitch.
    1. Go to the lodge or the
    book room.(The lodge
    has the find four game
    and the book room
    is upstairs the coffee
    2. After you went to the
    lodge or the book room
    then go play find four or
    3. Play find four or
    mancala WITH
    (Make sure
    nobody is playing
    find four or mancala
    with you.)
    4. Open your mail then
    close it back.
    5. Now you will be
    able to walk around
    the room while playing
    the game!!!!!
    6. People can join you
    while your walking around the
    room playing find four or
    NOTE:You will not be able to
    exit the room until you have
    quit the game. Do not do
    this on mac book pro or
    else your computer
    might have serious
    If you try this on
    mac book pro
    2 times you will
    get banned forever.
    This is some
    serious glitch
    that can damage


  3. For the walking around while waiting for another player to join, it doesn’t work for Find Four anymore


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