Club Penguin App

Type Kids, Games
Released May 9, 2013 (iPad),
April 16, 2014 (iPhone and iPod),
December 18, 2014 (Android devices)
Latest version 1.6.4 (iOS),
1.6.4 (Android)
Supported Devices iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices



The Club Penguin app (or formerly known as ‘My Penguin”) is one of the free applications that CP offers you. In summary, it is the recreation  of Club Penguin on PC/Mac version. However, there may be restrictions on the app such as not being allowed to enter rooms like ‘The Book Room’. 

EVERY item on the app is completely 3D and took Club Penguin a whole year to design every aspect of what you see on the island.

Here is the summary Club Penguin gives us about this app:

“You can play mini-games, adopt pet puffles, experience new parties, make friends, and more! ”
-Club Penguin summarising the app

Although the app suffers from many bug issues, it still receives an impressive 4/5 stars from total views worldwide.

Here is what Club Penguin App’s home screen looks like:



As you can see on the bar menu, located at the bottom  of the menu screen, it displays the same features on the PC /Mac version such as: Igloo, Map, Newspaper, Playercard, Buddy list, Catalogues and more.

They have also introduced a new mini-game called ‘Sushi Drop’ which is playable by EVERYONE (Non Member and Member) This is a basic game in which you can win prizes like coins and possibly items!


This was taken on my iPad

The picture above displays the actual gameplay while playing the Club Penguin App. As I mentioned before, it has a unique 3D effect. In a nutshell, it is the smartphone version of Club Penguin . Obviously, this is a touch-screen game so moving around the island will not be an issue for anyone. Unfortunately, some places on the island are restricted as Club Penguin is possibly still designing those areas. Despite the fact that this app is not too popular and has a lack of logins, it still maintains itself and is kept on the market.

Bugs: this is the major issue of this app- there are a countless number of bugs. Some item files are not completed so wearing a few of the items are prohibited in currently using. Furthermore, some items appear in a silver/blue colour or are not presented in a proper way. For example:

Other than bug issues, this app is incredible. Club Penguin has proven itself once again by pulling off another great product from its ‘yearly hard work’.

More will be added to this page

-Joncena111 and the Team

3 thoughts on “Club Penguin App

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  2. Well the Club Penguin app keep acting slowly when my internet connection was good! I cannot go to Dojo Courtyard or Elsa’s ice palace. When i active my penguin, i cant too( i’m using ipad) . When i have choose Standard chat mode and agreeded terms and conditions. Its said i have to active penguin with a code! Idk what code to type in! I afraid that my account could be delete, somebody HELP!


  3. If you have trouble in accessing the Club Penguin app, it is most probably a ‘bug’. Also, bear in mind that not EVERY room on the app is open as yet- which is why we have to be patient. In terms of activating your penguin, the code should have been sent to your registered email of the penguin. There, will be your code. If you have trouble in finding it, ask a parent or guardian or possibly contact Club Penguin Support. 🙂



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