We’re always happy to receive Club Penguin codes, memberships, item codes, etc, to fund our giveaways and raffles. Club Penguin codes and other merchandise can become quite expensive, making it hard to have regular raffles and give-aways on the website; and that’s exactly why we need your help! If you’re EVER willing to donate a code or two to us, we’ll give you something back in return (scroll down for examples):

Bag of Coins


We appreciate you donating to Club Penguin Reveals. In return, we would like to do something good for you!

If you donate a code to us, we would be happy to do THREE of the below offers for you:

  1. Regular shoutouts on Twitter (3 everyday for a month) + a follow from all of Mrzero3’s Twitter accounts
  2. The opportunity to host an in-game party on Club Penguin with Mrzero3 and the CP Reveals team
  3. Have Mrzero3 do three guest posts on your Club Penguin blog (about anything!)
  4. Have a video made about your Club Penguin website for Mrzero3’s YouTube channel + a subscription from all of Mrzero3’s YouTube accounts
  5. Penguin of the Month on Club Penguin Reveals
  6. Have 3 icons made for you, a header for your website, plus any other graphic you would like + an add from Mrzero3 on Club Penguin
  7. The chance to Skype with Mrzero3 personally
  8. Have a post made about you on Club Penguin Reveals + your website’s support banner on CP Reveals for a month

Please do note that you’re NEVER forced to donate to us, we’d just be incredibly grateful if you did so for us. Thank you very much for your support!


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