On this page, CPReveals has a list occupied by all the CP staff members on the island. The following list does not mention any mascots.

Note: If you’re looking for a full list of mascots, click ‘here‘.

Club Penguin Island

If you find a name with a * that means they have either retired, left, or have stopped using that account.

  • Polo Field*
  • Daffodaily5*
  • Megg
  • Nerdy
  • Steampowered*
  • C00kie D0ugh
  • Spike Hike
  • Ninja*
  • Tato Maxx
  • Chattabox
  • Loustik005
  • Grasstain
  • Billybob*
  • Rsnail*
  • Smulley
  • Robo Bird
  • Gigglebunnie
  • Super Sheep
  • Owly Owl
  • Po1aire
  • Gajotz
  • I Think Big
  • Karlapop321
  • Yamfry
  • Alli Gatr
  • Styoma Storm
  • Puffleruffle
  • Great Agent
  • Sophistikat
  • Cooki Rocket
  • Flower Miss
  • L8ter Skater
  • Funni Dude
  • Blingg Bird
  • Bella Bugz
  • Scaredykat
  • The 4 Star
  • Dolly Button
  • Turbo Sharks
  • Painterbird
  • Happy77*
  • Goodtea
  • Happyllama
  • Espresso87
  • Stackoverflo
  • Screenhog*
  • Gizmo*
  • Cloud Flame*
  • Crayona
  • Mars Hawk
  • Squeakynose
  • Glitterbug K
  • Mustache
  • Rootinhootin
  • Solista
  • Skabee
  • Pirate
  • Rhubarbcrmbl*

We are currently adding more moderators to the list.

WANT TO HELP? Submit some mods below that we have not mentioned!

9 thoughts on “Moderators

  1. 1) It’s been updated, that’s it (I forgot to thank you for spotting that) . Don’t need to make a big fuss over this.
    2) Some of us are busy with our social lives, we will try to update pages as soon as we can.


  2. 1) I mentioned that it was outdated, so I was just trying to help you.
    2) Like I said, if it’s not being updated regularly, I’d suggest that you remove the page. After all, you’re busy and it took five days since I made my comment for changes to occur.


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