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On this page you will be able to look among tens of Club Penguin Funny Pictures. All of these Club Penguin Funny Pictures are original, and belong to the Club Penguin Reveals website. If you would like to use one of our funny pictures please contact me prior you post it. Enjoy!

Please Club Penguin, make the table a little closer!

That sign has been like that ever since Club Penguin has been released. I mean, hello; builders. Come and fix this.

Glitch. Why I am skating on wood? Isn’t that pretty much impossible?

Awh. Once again, nobodies working. I better tell their boss.

Oww. My head hurts now. That was not the smartest place on the island to relax, was it? No.

And then I realise that everything in Club Penguin is pretty much double my height.

That house has been there, with nothing moved since 2005. I wonder what it is?!

Come on! Penguins below me! Yes you guys! Please catch me, I am about to faaaaaallll! Ow.

Who would have ever known, you can call your friend in a Secret Agent base?

Mrzero3; bad decision.

Untitled 4

Can you? I can’t!

HE HE! I’m stealing the Hydro Hopper! Mwahahaha!!!

I have only got 8 dimes! Come on penguins, don’t walk past me….. :(

Sunbathing in snow? Seriously?

Why would you call it “The Bunny Hill” when there are no bunnies?

How did I get here? I just clicked the iceberg and went there…. if only that was in real life…. Click! I’m at school! Click, homework done!

Oh no, I pressed the wrong button. Wonder what will happen next… Uhhh.

Oh no, I want a slushy real bad!! Someone help me.

A long day ahead of me. I’ll be lucky if I get one customer.

Better call the gardeners! 😉

Better check, eh?

I’m drowning in all of the coins! Someone, help! However, KEEP DONATING!

Don’t just leave DELICIOUS pizza, lying there…

Oh boy, I’ve got some serious talent!

UPCOMING NEWS: Superpen2345 will be sure to post some funny pictures onto Club Penguin Reveals, so stay tuned!

-What one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below! -Mrzero3

89 thoughts on “Funny Pictures

  1. Yes I do know Tazboi. Tazboi, Is a buddy of mine on Club Penguin. If you want to be my friend on Club Penguin just send me a buddy request using the new software on Club Penguin, and I’ll be sure to accept! Thanks for visiting this website, and tell your friends about this! §Mrzero3 Club Penguin Reveals owner. Follow me on Twitter @mrzero3cp


  2. I think Disney ruined club penguin true you cant get rare stuff!!!!!!and I am not even rare only three little bars and yet I am rare I want old club penguin back ); bring it back


  3. Disney ruined club penguin nothing is rare anymore you cant even get anything rare like those hoodies I want them bad and I want furry boots but they wont bring them back!! ):


  4. They do need old cp back like theres nothing old in new cp right my name is Katy1948 or Princess1948 or Zachman i agree with cloeyojo


  5. sorry but are are these funny?haha these are not at all funny.And i am frank are these funny pics taken by brain dead folks?lol if you dont know how to take funny pics then why have u posted this junk here?


  6. People who always want rare items ZIP IT. If club penguin brings em back then they wont be rare anymore! DUH. Also i laughed my butt off


  7. Love or page! So funny! LOL I like the drowning in gold one, tiny house one, comparing the boxes, the one when u about to fall off the ladder and the one when u show the broken sign the the cup builders never fixed. Those are my top 5 favorite! What’s or favorite Mrzero3?

    Liked by 1 person

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