Twitter Feed!

I have discovered a cool new program that connects with Twitter accounts. This program is called ‘Twitter Feed’. With this program, you are able to tweet all of the latest posts on Club Penguin Reveals immediately. How to set-up:

1. Visit Twitter Feed. You will see an orange themed website. Click on the starting button, ‘Register Now’.

2. Once you have clicked on ‘Register Now’, create an account, (no personal info will be taken, no viruses either). Once you have filled in everything, click on ‘Create Account’:

3.  Once you have created your account, you will be taken to a page where you will set up the actual Twitter Feed. Where it says, ‘Feed Name’, type in : Club Penguin Reveals. Where it says BLOG URL, type in

4. Once you have done that (above), press ‘Continue to step 2’, the button is located at the bottom of the textareas:

5. Once you have pressed that, (above) you will be taken to this page, requesting what Social Network you would like to Feed on, click on Twitter. 

6. Now that you have clicked on Twitter, the website will take you to a new page.  This page will ask you to authenticate your Twitter account, with Twitter Feed. This means, that  you are connecting your Twitter account to Twitter Feed. (Twitter Feed will not do anything to your account, don’t worry!)

7. Now confirm it:

8. You are done! Now press, ‘Create Service’….

9. Thank you for joining Twitter Feed, and connecting your Twitter account with this website. If you have created a Twitter Feed connecting to this website (instructions above) tell us below!

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