Becoming a Ninja on Club Penguin was always a rumour and a mystery. However, that all changed in November 2008, when the Club Penguin Dojo was dug out by a lot of helping penguins. After the ‘Dojo’ building and courtyard was dug out, various penguins found out that Sensei was the master of the art of Card-Jitsu. Ever since the release of the Dojo, many secrets, updates, and facts have been released within the Club Penguin Community. Now, becoming a ninja is the beginning of your journey.

If you are having troubles becoming a Ninja on Club Penguin, simply follow this guide:

1. Log onto Club Penguin, and pick any server. However, to become a Ninja you will have to play and compete against different Club Penguin players at the same time, so I suggest choosing servers with about 3-5 bars.

2. Open-up your Club Penguin EPF Spy Phone device, or your Club Penguin Map, and visit the Dojo Courtyard.

3. Simply waddle into the Dojo, room, which will currently be in front of you.

4. Once you’re inside of the Dojo room, waddle up-to, or click on the ‘Earn Belts’ poster. Now, a poster showing you all of the different belts, white being the lowest, black being the highest should have appeared onto your screen. Now, in order to become a Ninja on Club Penguin, you must continuously waddle up to Sensei, and play against other penguins. Each time you win, or come close to winning, your winning percentage should increase, therefore making you closer to the next belt.

Here are the amount of wins needed for each belt to be earned:

  • White belt – 5 wins
  • Yellow belt – 10 wins
  • Orange belt – 20 wins
  • Green belt – 30 wins
  • Blue belt – 40 wins
  • Red belt – 50 wins
  • Purple belt – 60 wins
  • Brown belt – 75 wins
  • Black belt – 90 wins
Go here to earn your belts and talk to Sensei.

Go here to earn your belts and talk to Sensei.

5. Once you have earned your black belt, simply waddle up to Sensei again, and click on ‘Challenge Sensei’, instead of ‘Earn Your Belts’. It may take you a couple of tries to defeat Sensei, although try your best. Once you have defeated Sensei, a ninja headband and mask will be added to your inventory. With this headband, you used to be able to visit the old Ninja Hideout, however that was taken away in May 2013. 

The old Ninja Hideout

The old Ninja Hideout

6. Remember, if you want to play Card-Jitsu for fun, and not earn any progress, simply waddle up to a playing mat in the Dojo and play with your friends.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.03.45 AM

7. If you head on down to your local Club Penguin retailer, simply purchase some Card-Jitsu cards. Not only can you collect certain Card-Jitsu cards, but you can also unlock incredibly powerful and rare cards with the given code inside the packet. Below is a brief example of a Card-Jitsu Pack, in which you may be able to purchase in your Club Penguin retailer:


However, from a 2013 update, you can now buy Card-Jitsu Power Cards for 1,500 coins (for 3) in the Martial Arts Catalog if you’re a member, located inside of the Dojo room.

If for any reason you are having troubles becoming a ninja on Club Penguin, please leave your inquiries in the comments below this page. I hope that this guide will help you on your quest to become a Card-Jitsu ninja.


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