Welcome to the CPReveals Raffles page. Here, we present several raffles hosted various times throughout the year. These raffles act as an oppurtunity for penguins all over the comminity to have a chance to obtain exclusive items on the island.

We host BIG raffles with a prize of BIG things. If you do not win the raffle, don’t worry- there will be way more to come.
How do our raffles work?

Our raffles work similarly to any other Club Penguin raffle. You guys need to simply fill out the ‘raffle form’ below to take part in it. Your penguin username is a very crucial part of the form so do not forget to add that in. Obviously, to take part in a raffle, it has to be OPEN. This means that if it is CLOSED then we are not hosting a raffle with a prize as of then. We will always notify you at the top of this page that if the raffle is open or closed.
How do I know if I win? 

Our main response to any of our raffles is to keep a big list at the end of our page of our winners. This way, you will see if you won or not. Another way is to email you if you won or not, if you did not get an email you have NOT WON. ANOTHER way of contacting you is via your Twitter account- our team will tweet you your prize and your winning certificate.
How do I receive the prize if I won?

This is the part in which you NEED to either have an email or/and a Twitter. If you have won, we will email or tweet you your winning prize.

Raffle Form:

(Since we are not hosting any raffles as of now the form is closed and all submissions sent in now will be deleted)

Please give your Twitter username or email to sign-up for future raffles!




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