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Welcome to the official ‘Write For Us’ page on Club Penguin Reveals. Here at Club Penguin Reveals, we are in search for some of the best Club Penguin bloggers around. If you are wanting to write for hundreds of penguins everyday, I suggest you follow the guidelines and eventually submit an application. Remember, we only hire and pick amongst the best applications. Good luck!

Various Guidelines:

Authors, Administrators, Editors:

  • Posts must be only for and from Club Penguin Reveals.
  • Writers’ posts must not be republished on your own website/other peoples’.
  • You must not advertise without the permission of Mrzero3.
  • Grammar and spelling must be accurate and must have very little, if not, any mistakes.
  • You may not have a party on Club Penguin, without permission from Mrzero3.
  • Posts must have Club Penguin – before each post.
  • Any blog post that may contain spoilers, must have “SPOILER ALERT!” under “Hello!”.
  • Authors must be able to use WordPress – and the H2 text. You must also add tags, and select categories for each post.
  • Most importantly, have fun!




Once you have filled in the form please remember to press ‘Submit‘. If you have been chosen to be hired, you will have received an email or tweet from Mrzero3. If you have been hired, you will be confirmed to the team, as soon as possible. We try to do so in around three days. If you have NOT BEEN SELECTED, no email, comment, or tweet will be sent out to you.

Good luck!

168 thoughts on “Join the Team

  1. Hello its peter cool2 your best friend.
    Name:Peter Cool2
    Twitter: I do not have a twitter account.
    Website: Club penguin cheats by peter cool2


  2. Name:shadow70000
    Twitter:I am making an account
    Website:I am also making a site


  3. Your Penguin Name (required): Superspike23

    Your Email (required):

    Your Twitter (required): @Superspike23

    Your website (required): (Under-Construction)

    About you, country of residence, ETC. (required): England

    Links to your posts or creations (RSS FEED): Haven’t got any atm

    3 ways to improve Club Penguin Reveals.

    1. I could make a new header and maybe try a new theme
    2. Add some more widgets
    3.Add a xat chat for trackers and stuff.

    Thank you!


  4. ive got everything but a website i hope its okay because i really want to work here anyway heres what i got Twitter: Rsnailfan Penguin Name: Test Snail02 Email: if i missed anything tell me dont tell me if i missed website since i dont have one
    -Test Snail02 very good cpr fan


  5. You would be hired, It’s just that you need a website to be able to join. Even if you just make a quick website on or .com and give me the email you used to make the website, you’re hired. Sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your Penguin Name (required): Smallpengi12

    Your Email (required):

    Your Twitter (required): Smallpengi12

    Your website (required):

    About you, country of residence, ETC. (required): I’m 11 years old, I am very aware of netiquette, I’ve been posting cheats about Club Penguin for about a year and a half and I (think) I have good grammar.

    Links to your posts or creations (RSS FEED): Link to my blog:

    3 ways to improve Club Penguin Reveals.
    1. Better quality header.
    2. More trackers
    3. More banners to advertise your blog.

    Extra: I can make banners and headers. I always spell check every post I do and I always make sure all my content is child friendly.


  7. Your Hired. It’s just that please don’t use the word cheat in any of your posts. I don’t like cheating! Anyway WELL DONE! CONGRATZ, welcome to the team. -Mrzero3 Explore on!


  8. No one, new. I am waiting for this guy to make a account and send me the email he used to make the account. And I am waiting for this girl, who has a account but gave me a different email, from the one she used to make her account. – Please get onto chat soon. : )


  9. hey mrzero3 I though I’d give it another try now since I have twitter, YouTube channel and site.I thought I could make you banners and that kind of stuff.

    Site:shadow70000’club penguin cheats


  10. Welcome To The team Shadow! Mrzero3 Remember You Hired Eamonn Nolan And His Penguin Name Is SuperFoum? Well You Must Add Him To The Team. Waddle on! ~ Peter Cool2


  11. You Should Make Jack90250 His Own WordPress.Com Site And If You Added Him To The Team That Would Be Easier Because He Woulden’t Have To Post As Mrzero3 All Of The Time.


  12. Name: Jason2445


    Twitter: Jason2445cp

    Website: I have made several but the one I made first and about Clubpenguin is

    I am from the United States of America

    I really dont have anyway of making this better as this is better than anything I can do

    The job I want: Glitches/Field Ops

    About me:
    My name is Jason and I’m 15 years old and take my jobs siriously So I hope I can become an author for your site 🙂

    Thank you


  13. Thank you so much! I will get to looking for glitches and make tutorials of field ops 🙂 (I have my own youtube and will be making field op videos soon) 🙂


  14. Name:Youngprince.
    Twitter:I do not have a twitter account.
    I am eight year’s old.


  15. Name:Cooldude3244!/Coolude3244
    I’m 11 years old and turning 12 next month.


  16. Penguin Name: SnowT112
    E-mail –
    Twitter – SnowT112CPA
    Website – Club Penguin Air (
    About me – I live in the U.S., I’m 12 and I LOVE to use the computer 🙂
    Links: My website (
    3 ways to improve CPR: I will post a a lot, be nice to viewers and help them out as much as possible.

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!



  17. HI its Wilson 500 your buddy on Club Penguin!
    Name: Wilson 500
    Suggestion to make site better: 1.Be nice to people ( as if your not)
    2. Writes as many posts as possible.
    3. Just be a nice person and people will appreciate it.


  18. Dear Mrzero3

    My Name Is Sara. I would love a Catalog Secrets Because I Stay Up Way Late To Figure Out The Mystery Items!
    My Personal Settings Below :

    Name : Sara

    Email :

    Website : None

    WordPress : None

    Twitter : None

    From : United Kindom , England

    Improving Club Penguin Reveals :

    – Try Using Trackers And Make A Tracker Of Your Own! With A Picture Of Your Penguin In A Pose!

    – Make Competitions Winning Memberships, Virtual Coins, And Also Another Cool Account! For Example :The 505th Commentor On This Wall Wins Or The 1000th Visitor On That Wall Wins.

    – Make Sure Fans Know Your Penguin So You Can Get A Full Room While Penguins Internationally Visit You In One Virtual Server! ( Add Me So I Can Tell You The Best Hotspots )

    – Make A Game On The Website So Visitors Can Improve Their Stratergy On Club Penguin. Before The Game Make Sure The Customize Their Penguin With Atleast All Of The Club Penguin Items Like Wigs, Clothes , Items , Shoes , Accesories Etc.

    Sorry, I Can’t Have WordPress Cause You Need To Dowload, Install Stuff And I Can’t Cause My PC Shuts Down And Breaks Up No Matter What, Even Safe Downloads.

    And Thats All! I Hope Im Hired For All These Great Ideas And I Dont Write To Anybody Else!

    Yours Sincerely,



  19. Name : mrblackcp
    Email :
    Twitter: mrblackcp
    I like to blog about cp, and I am looking for a blogger job.
    I live in sharjah, U.A.E
    This website can be improved by selling coin codes.
    You can get extra profit IF YOU WANT TO advertise other websites.
    You can get more trackers.
    I hope you accept me.


  20. Dear Mrzero3,

    Its Sara, I Got The Hired Email And Now
    I Have A WordPress Account But It’s Empty.
    I Might Decorate It Later. Also Later, Meet Me At Club Penguin In Any Server You Want
    ( Email Me Later ) But Atleast Between
    5pm – 8pm And We Can Do Lunch And A
    Meeting At Your House! It’s Pinkyapple5 And
    My Membership Expired Sadly. Tell Me The
    Time, Server, Plan Via Email. Oh Yea, My Website Is

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sara Chiguer


  21. Your Penguin Name (required):lyla90674

    Your Email (required):
    Your Twitter (required):
    Your website (required):
    About you, country of residence, ETC. (required):
    England, I am 11 years old always online

    Links to your posts or creations (RSS FEED):

    3 ways to improve Club Penguin Reveals.
    Keep Updating
    Finding Graphics
    Recording cheats for updates


  22. Hey! I’m Bigblueb and I am very willing to work for your site! My twitter name is @bigbluebCP and I have worked for previous sites. Please reply to me.


  23. One question, why do we have to give a stranger our information like name, age, and where we live?

    What are you going to steal us or stalk us? What are you going to use this info for, tracking us down? I don’t think all that info is needed just CP info and blogging experience.


  24. Hello Mrzero3! I would like a job for posts. I also won your “Get creative igloo contest!” Just to remind you.

    Name: Cool Boy 887



    About you (age, hobbies, are you experienced with WordPress, how long have you been playing CP, etc): I love to practice basketball at a park, I read Harry Potter (Im up to the 5th one already!) I love to have fun as well. I have been experienced with wordpress for about 3 months and a I have exceptional grammar.. I have been playing CP 1267 Days, (This was submitted on 28th of March 2013) And I have an igloo playset, 4 figures and over 40-60 unlocked items. I also have lots of plushes.. My first plush toys were rockhopper and the red puffle. I hope you enjoyed reading this! ~Cool Boy 887

    Twitter (not required):

    1 way to improve Club Penguin Reveals (this website): Better
    graphics, Less fuzzy etc.

    What you want to post about (EPF messages, catalogs, etc): Catalogs


  25. Hello, I am here to require for a job working on Club Penguin reveals. Here are the details if you add me:

    Name: XPWINNER6656

    (My blog is a Bin Weevils Blog but I know about Club Penguin too! ( I don’t want to tell my email on here but if you check out my blog an invite me an an author on here, you will see my email Ok?

    Twitter: I haven’t got a Twitter account at the moment 🙂
    ( )
    Ways to improve Club Penguin Reveals:
    (I can bring great Club Penguin ideas to this website. Whenever there’s Club Penguin news on the blog, I will post it down. I have also got a Binweevils blog and I am the owner of it and I would just love to be an author on here.

    Thank you for reading my review to join this site.



  26. Because I’m a kid that is very good with electronics don’t believe me just tell me your email and I will show you a picture of my room and my basement then you will believe me


  27. My name is sony blade and

    my email is

    My website is

    MY twitter is @sony_blade link is

    country that i live in is Canada

    My youtube channel is cpcheats24 link to my youtube channel

    The things that i would like to do in this website is blog, about catalogs and pins and sneek peeks of parties Why because i can find secerts in the catalog and i am a good secert finder, and also i can find pins, and i could get information about the new party on club penguin. I have been playing club penguin since 2012, but i know everything about club penguin. So please please please hire me please because i want to be a author, i want to be a blogger so please hire me if you do i will be super happy.

    Age: 12 years old


  28. My name is sony blade

    My email is

    My website is

    My twitter is @sony_blade

    My youtube channel cpcheats24

    I am from Canada

    1 way to improve Club Penguin Reveals (this website)
    Maybe if you add mascot trackers and also pin trackers, these are the 2 ways to improve this website.

    What you want to post about (EPF messages, catalogs, etc)
    I would love to post about catalogs and pins and sneek peeks of the new party why because im a good pin finder and i am really good that finding secerts in the catalog. I am also good at finder sneek peeks if the new party. Also i love to be an author so please please please hire me i will be so happy.

    Jobs that i want to do is catalog cheats, pin cheats, sneek peeks of parties. I want to became a author.

    About you (age, hobbies, are you experienced with WordPress, how long have you been playing CP, etc)

    i am 12 years old and my hobbies for this year is swimming and youtube. Yes I have experienced with wordpress for like 2-3 mouths. I love wordpress i think its the one of the best sites. I have been playing club penguin since 2012, but i know everything about club penguin. About me I am i kid who does homework everyday, i focus on my projects and my school work.
    I love to play club penguin and minecraft, but i love to play club penguin more.I also like to read comic books and also maybe sometimes chapter books, i am a kid who gets bullied everyday at school and i only have a couple of friends ;(

    So please please please hire me i always wanted to blog so please hire i will be super happy if you do.

    From your friend Sony Blade 🙂


  29. Due to your bad grammar, I don’t think you can enter the Club Penguin Reveals blogging team, but you may make videos for this website. I’ll have to ask Mrzero3.


  30. Appreciating the persistence you puut injto your website and iin depth information you offer.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while thhat
    isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Great read!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m includibg your RSS feeds to my Google account.


  31. Hey Mrzero3! It’s me Polo Rider. I’m hosting a party with mods. It’s almost like Mod Monday but it’s my birthday. It is on the 24th of January at 1:00 penguin standard time at the town. If you can make it that would be great! If you come have a great time and waddle on.


  32. Hey Distrocktiv7 and friends. Distrocktiv7 and members of CPR. Can you come to my birthday party? It is at 1:00 pm penguin standard time. The server is yeti at the town. It is today with mods. The 24th of January. Also my friend wants to meet Chrisdog93 and add him. So can you ask Chrisdog93 if he can attend and? Can you also comment? – Polo Rider


  33. Hey friend. I’m hosting a best of 2015 party .Can you come ? The party is on the 21st of February. The server is arctic at the town. It is at 2:00 pm penguin standard time. Please try to come. My penguin is Andy12e44.


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