On this page are instructions on how to play the mini-game “Pufflescape” on Club Penguin. First, head to the Pet Shop by waddling into the building in the Plaza, or by teleporting there using your EPF Phone.

Waddle over to the game:

Click “Yes” when this message pops up, unless you’ve changed your mind:

Now you will be taken to the game. It will ask you to choose one of your puffles to play the game with:

When you choose a puffle, you will be taken to the levels, and chapters of the game. If this is your first time ever playing Pufflescape, you have to start off on level 1 – in Chapter 1 (Entrance). However, if you are returning after playing Pufflescape before – you can visit any level which you have already completed.

The object of the game is to use the left and right arrow keys (and mouse) to navigate your way around network of paths and jumps. A tip to earn more coins whilst playing this game is to try and collect the most amount of Puffle O’s on the way for your puffle to eat.

NOTE: Once you have completed the chapter ‘Entrance’, and you want to continue onto other chapters you must become/ be a Member to play. Below is a screenshot of a level in the ‘Legend’ chapter. (Members only)

You will also earn stamps on your way throughout the game. Here is a quick image of a completed Stamp Book, in the Pufflescape section.

TIP: On your Stamp Book there will be instructions on how to obtain the Stamp, so acknowledge these instructions whilst playing the game to possible earn more Stamps.

Ever since this game came out on November 1st, 2011, penguins have been continuously struggling on level 23 (the final and hardest level) of the game. This level is in the Chapter ‘Legend’, meaning that only Members are allowed to play this level (23). To attempt to fix your struggling, here is a video tutorial on how to complete it. Below is the video:

This video below shows you the basic moves and features of the game:

Let us know if this guide helped you complete the game, by commenting below this page.

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