Puffle Launch

On this page are instructions on how to play the mini-game “Puffle Launch” on Club Penguin. First, head to the Pet Shop by waddling into the building in the Plaza, or by teleporting there using your EPF Phone.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.07.16 AM

Waddle over to the cannon:

Choose one of your regular puffles to play with. Once you do, you will see this interface.

The goal of the game is to lunch your puffle from cannon to cannon, try to collect as many O-berries as you can in each level, and reach the flaming hoop at the end.


  • Green Cannons: They go either left, right, up or down.
  • Blue Cannons: They fire as your puffle has contact with it.
  • Purple Cannons: They can be rotated 360 degrees manually.
  • Checkered Yellow Cannons: They serve the same function as Blue Cannons, but are also mini-checkpoints.
  • Green Balloons: They are powerful and trampoline-like.
  • Purple Balloons: They are weak and filled with Cream Soda.
  • Slow Motion Cannons: They makes the puffle slow (this cannon is only in the Box Dimension).
  • Box Teleporters: They are used only in Box Dimension levels.
  • Gravity Boxes: They usually point down, tap it with your puffle and it switches up. Gravity reverses and your puffle will fall upwards instead of downwards.
  • Red Cannons: They spin very quickly and shoot far. Timing is a must to using it.
  • Launchers: They require you to press the down key and use the left and right keys to change aim. Similar to catapults or slingshots.

As you collect O-berries, you will earn parts for a cannon you can put in your igloo. When you finish all the Blue Sky levels and collect all of the O-berries in those levels, it will be added to your inventory. If you are a Member, you will be able to build another cannon when you collect all the O-berries in every level of each category.

In the last level of every category, an evil crab named Klepto will appear and steal the target, and you will have to bounce on the dome of his ship several times in order to get it back from him. Halfway through each category, he will also appear and mess with you somehow.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. If you still have questions on how to play Puffle Launch, leave a comment below!

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