Smoothie Smash

On this page are instructions on how to play the mini-game “Smoothie Smash” on Club Penguin. First, head to the Coffee Shop by waddling into the building in the Town, or by teleporting there using your EPF Phone.

Waddle over to the game:

A message will appear onto your screen asking whether you would like to play the game or not. Click ‘Yes’ to play the game. Once you have clicked ‘Yes’, this is how your screen will look:

You can play in different modes; normal and survival. Or you can just read the instructions to learn how to play.

Normal Mode –

In this mode all you have to do is follow the recipe on your screen. For example it says – Grape, Mango, Banana, Apple, Carrot. That means you have to try and smash all of the fruits without hitting the conveyor belt. Try and keep the combo. To smash the fruit, all you have to do is use the left and right arrow keys and smash the fruit.

You can also use the down arrow key to smash down on them quicker, basically cannon ball on the fruits. You can also press the up arrow key to gain some air before smashing down on the fruits.

Survival Mode-

This mode is basically the same, however it’s just a matter of surviving the longest without getting hurt. In this mode there are no recipes you have to follow, again you can just smash any fruit, trying to stay on the longest. Remember you cannot land on the conveyor belt, or the anvils. You do have a certain amount of health, but if you keep getting hurt continuously all of your health will be gone. However you can regain your health back by doing well.


There are stamps that you can earn on Survival mode, and Normal mode. Below is the list of stamps for this game.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. If you still have questions on how to play Smoothie Smash, leave a comment below!

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