How To Download Disney Mix For Penguins Not Living In Australia And New Zealand

Just a few days ago, Spike Hike announced on the official Club Penguin blog that the the team would be releasing a new app, Disney Mix, as part of Project Super Secret. The app allows you to chat, and play fun games with your friends

However, the app is only available for penguins living in Australia and New Zealand due to beta testing. Thankfully, for penguins who want to download the app, just follow this effective 5-step guide for Android users and you be able to install it.

For Apple devices, you will need to create a new Apple ID and select Australia or New Zealand as your country, then download Disney Mix from the App Store.


Step 1:

Click this link, which will bring you to the download page. .

Alternatively, search ‘Disney Mix App download’ on Google, then click the link, which should look something like this.


Step 2:

Click on the ‘Download APK’ button . Don’t worry about viruses or any potential threat to your device. It does not have any negative reviews either, and it’s working smoothly on my phone.


Step 3:

The download will take about 4 to 8 minutes, depending on your connection. It took about 7 minutes for me to complete the download. Once the download is completed, click on it from the notification bar.

Step 4:

You will be taken to a screen where you will need to install the app into your device. Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue.


The installation will take less than a minute to complete.


Step 5:

Congratulations! You have just downloaded the Disney Mix app into your device.


Well, wasn’t that easy? Be sure to add me on Disney Mix under the username ‘Dhi228CP’ !

If you have any further enquiries regarding Disney Mix, leave a comment below. Leave your username in the comments too if you would like the Club Penguin Reveals Team to add you!






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